About Boneslinger…

Dave Wright, distinct vocalist and trombonist formerly of The Countdown Quartet and The Squirrel Nut Zippers brings his latest creation to life with BONESLINGER.   It is new music riding on the backs of rhythm and blues bands that were predominantly driven by piano, horns, bass and drums- Louis Jordan, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Huey Piano Smith, etc… but the originals suggest a songwriter who enjoys beer, parties, mambos, dancing, colored lights, and women with accents.

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More about Boneless Cuts

“Our first cd was recorded April 8,9, and 10 at Marsh Woodwinds upstairs thanks to Rodney Marsh.  Our recording engineer is David Tilley.  The recording was made in the evenings with sessions only lasting 2-3 hours per nite.  We captured  vocals, drums, bass, Steinway piano, my electric Korg piano, tenor sax and trumpet using tube preamps and mostly vintage recording equipment.  We then re-recorded vocals at Tilley’s studio in Durham but actually kept the scratch vocal for Papa Loves Mambo and Tippitina.  We added a few trombone parts on Saturday is a Holiday and Cuban Taxi.  We made a few percussion overdubs too.

Boneless Cuts starts with 5 original tunes from the David J Wright songbook.  The CD is then filled out with 6 arrangements of cover tunes that we’ve had a good time playing live.  All selections are delivered neatly in alphabetical order.

Boneless cuts features the indisputable talents of Paul Rogers on trumpet, Aaron Hill on tenor sax, Ben Palmer on electric bass, Carl Blackwell on drums and myself on pianos, trombone and vocals.  All solos were improvised.  All bass parts were written out, majority discarded and then artistically personified by Ben Palmer.”–David J Wright